Why My Printer is Not Printing or Responding?

Imagine you have to submit your project by tomorrows morning and today your printer start showing tantrum and not allowing you to print. You won’t only feel disappointed but this will definitely be frustrating. You feel that you have powered on the printer so things should work normally but that is not the case always. At times you have to have to add some more basic troubleshooting tactics to resolve the issue. Although, in my opinion the best way to deal with such problem would be a printer technician as he knows the exact issue and can solve the problem quickly. If you too are looking for printer technician then call at Canon Printer Help Number UK for assistance or you can work on your own by checking the following mentioned things.

Connection between Printer and Computer

The basic reason behind this issue could be the bad connection between your printer and computer. Maybe the cable you are using to connect the printer with computer is not capable of performing it job or the cable might be damaged which is why you are not able to setup connection. Even if all other things, like printer configuration looks to be set up correctly, we suggest that you should replace the cable with a new one and then try printing again.

Check Printer’s Consumable Items

Most of the printer went to “Offline” mode when any of their consumable items come to an end, such as ink or toner, paper etc. you need to check the ink level with the onscreen print manager or through device front panel. Apart from this, look for paper tray alert, blinking ink or toner light and other indications. If necessary, replace the supplies. Even problems associated with consumable items can also cause the same issue like paper jam or paper feed; in that case you will need proper assistance from experts and for that you can dial Epson Printer Support Number UK.

Print Queue

When you send a print job to your printer, instead of printing it, the printer keep it in the pending queue. You can cancel the output jobs through your printer’s onscreen management software. Queued print jobs prevent the hardware from responding. Also check your device front panel, to see if someone has manually placed it in standby mode. In such case, you need to press “Online”, “Go” key to make it work again.

Printer Driver

A printer driver manages the communication between the printer and the computer. If you have installed an incompatible printer or an outdated driver then you might face the unresponsive printer issue. Sometimes when you upgrade your OS without giving your driver similar upgrade then too you will face printing issues. Even if you feel that your driver was working perfectly in the morning but in evening you can print from it then the reason behind it could be data corruption.

If you need any other assistance then please connect with your service agent now.


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