Different Tricks to Save Money on Printer Ink

Printer ink is the most important supply of any printer, without ink you won’t be able to print at all. But the cost of printer stops the user from printing too much. You can try the following tricks and tips to save your money on ink cartridge. You can learn about more cost effective ways of printing from printer experts HP Printer Customer Care Number UK.
  • Buy Third party Ink: Buying genuine manufacturer ink cartridges are always recommended as they always deliver high quality print outs but they prove to be highly expensive as well. When you but cartridge from a third part or from “non-OEM” supplier, you get comparatively cheaper cartridges.
  • Print in draft mode: when you are printing for your own purpose, not for any display or presentation then it would be better to switch your inkjet printer to print in draft or fast mode. The quality of the print in draft mode is not so good but it uses less ink. To select fast mode, click on preference button on the print dialog box and then under print quality, look for draft or fast option and enable it. Then click OK to save your settings.
  • Use a Different mode: It is true that some fonts use more ink than other. We always recommend our users to print in Times New Roman and Garamond as they use least ink where as fonts like Comic Sans and Veranda use a lot of ink.
  • Print in Monochrome: It is always better to print with black ink cartridge if you are not interested in any photo or colored image. For this again open Printing preference and enable Grayscale or Monochrome option.
  • Buy a Multipack sets: If you use a good amount of ink on daily purpose then it would be better to buy the bundle. You can save up to 20-30% of amount if you buy a multipack.
  • Think before your Print: print only what you actually need. If you are printing things for record then it would be better to convert your document in PDF and save it in a hard drive. This way you can save both paper and ink.
There so many other settings that you can do to save your ink cartridge, to learn about them you can dial 0808-101-2159 Kodak Help Number UK and consult printer masters. No one can guide you better than them.


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