McAfee Installation is Slowing Down My PC – McAfee Helpline Number

McAfee antivirus is manufactured to protect your PC from all sort of online threats like virus, worms, Trojans, spyware, malware and other malicious software. Basically it scan your device and look for any threat and if found either it blocks its entry or remove it. The scanning process take us to much processor memory as the software goes through all the files and folders in your system and even other hidden places in search of threats. This process takes us too much time. But it also makes the system work really slow. If you are going through the same issue then please contact us at 0808-101-2159 McAfee Help Number UK.

Step 1- Open your McAfee software and change the options that are not providing you any more protection. Won’t it be better to enable the full version of the software only in case when you are surfing or downloading any un-trusted website? Yes, constant surveillance takes up so much time and RAM that makes your system slow. For routine surfing on trusted sites you don’t need to have a scan. Like you can disable scan for news sites and other sites like and many more.

Step 2- You can also prevent McAfee from eating up your system resources at system start up. For this you need to change computer settings, open up “Start” menu, and type “msconfig” in the search field. Then run this “msconfig” program and then go to the Start up tab. After that you need to uncheck all the boxed that are linked or associated with McAfee in any way.

Step 3- As we have discussed above that while your system get scanned, McAfee uses a lot of memory, thus it would be better if you run system scan at the end of the day or at the time when you are not using your system. This way you can prevent the antivirus from interfering your work or making your system slow.

In case still your system is having problem due to McAfee then please get in touch with a good technician at McAfee Support Number UK. You will definitely find an appropriate solution for your problem from them.


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