Troubleshoot your Printer to make it Print a PDF

Mostly we convert the documents into PDF to keep them as a record, but at times we need to take a printout of those PDF for some or the other reason. If you are not able to print a PDF from your printer then please dial 0808-101-2159 Kodak Printer Help Desk Number UK or try the given troubleshooting method for it. First thing you need to try printing this page, if you can’t then try the given steps:

Check if your printer is properly connected with computer.
If the printer is connected through a hug then unplug it from there and connect it directly on the USB port of the computer.
Turn of the printer and wait for few seconds and then try printing again.

In case the above solution doesn’t work, then check if you are using the latest printer driver or not. Updated printer driver ensures the compatibility with newer software such as new version of Acrobat or Reader.

Find your printer model number and then go to Printer manufacturer site.
Then browse for your printer driver that matches your printer model name.
Then download and install the driver as per manufacturer instructions.
Finally, restart your computer.

If this too doesn’t make any sense then please try to print the same PDF from another device, sometimes that resolves when you print the file from other computer. You will even get to know if the file is corrupted or damaged or contains incomplete data. If there is the problem with the file then you can try to “Print as Image”.

When you need to take out a print in urgency then you can “Print as Image” and for that you need to click on the Advanced button in the print dialog box and there click on this option.

In case none of the above method works for you then the problem is not associated with your printer or its network, the problem is either associated with that particular file of PDF or the software (Acrobat/ Reader). There are various methods to fix software and PFD related issues. To fix more printers related problems please contact us at Brother Printer Support Number UK.

Source: Why Can’t I Print a PDF Document with My Printer?


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