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Resolution for Kaspersky Antivirus Error Code 11

Is your system crashing the active program window and displaying “Kaspersky Error Code 11”? Not only this, your Windows start running sluggishly and are responding very slow on keyboard and mouse. This error occurs during a program installation, Windows startup or shut down or even during the installation of Windows Operating system. There are various reasons of this error code11 which are listed below:
Corrupt download or incomplete installation of your Kaspersky software.Corruption in Windows registry which you made any change in the software.May be some other program has deleted any of Kaspersky files.Some virus or malware has infected Windows system files or Kaspersky Files.
There are so many reasons behind run time error, and you can use different ways to fix this error. Some of the ways are mentioned below:
Run Full Malware Scan of your PC as it is possible that your PC got infected by some malware and thus displaying the error 11. It is possible that malicious intruders have dam…

Are You Having Problem in starting your Canon Printer?

Canon manufactures quality printers for its customers and they make sure that the printer work effortlessly so that no user has to face any trouble with it. But in spite of all their efforts there are times when user couldn’t operate the printer. The printer stops working all together. The reason for this could be different for every user. You can try the following solution according to the reason of this halt.
Solution 1: Machine is ON- You should make sure that the printer is plugged in to the outlet and it is power on. You should resume with printing only when the ON light become stable.
Solution 2: Printer Connection- Most of the time users think that the machine is not working because of technical faults but the real reason could be just the connection. Ensure that all the USBs are connected to printer and the computer properly. 
Solution 3: Paper Tray- The paper output tray should be open while printing.
Solution 4: Pending Print Jobs- One of the major reason for a non working …

Connect Your Brother Printer with Multiple Devices

Sometimes we have more than one computer or laptop at our home and we want to connect the printer with all of them as obviously it’s not convenient to have different printer for different computer, say you have three computers, so you can’t have three printers for each one. But yes you can definitely share your Brother printer with multiple devices if you want, let us learn how:

1.Integrated Ethernet or Wi-Fi Printer: Wi-Fi printers are new craze in the present time as it is convenient to print wirelessly. You can share your Brother printer using the in-built Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If your printer has an Ethernet Jack and it’s placed near router, plug it into your router and install the printer driver on each computer. Setting up Ethernet connection is easier than setting up Wi-Fi.

2.Stand-alone Print Server: Standalone Print Server gets more mileage out of your printer and allows you to use printer’s USB connection. For this you just need to plug your printer into the print server and aft…

How to Install McAfee Antivirus 2017

McAfee has set a bench mark in the market of antivirus software. It is considered to be one of the greatest antiviruses available to protect your system from any virus or other suspicious programs. According to us, this is a great antivirus for home users. If you have already bought a store or online then you we can guide you in installing this software. But before we jump to installation you should check the following things:

•Remove any old version of McAfee from your device.
•If you have any other antivirus in your system then uninstall it from the control panel.
•You must have at least 2 GB RAM.
•Restart your computer after closing all the other files and programs.
•Now you can start installation.

Installation from CD

•Insert CD and wait till McAfee setup pop up appears.
•Run McAfee setup and follow the instructions.
•Agree with term and conditions and then click install.
•After installation you can create McAfee account to manage your billing and services.
•Restart your computer.

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Basic Requirements of System before Installing Norton Product

Basic Requirements of System before Installing Norton Product
There are various antivirus programs available in the market but Norton is considered to be the best in giving quality protection from threats and viruses. But it is necessary that your system fulfills the basic requirement of Norton antivirus before you install it to ensure its proper functioning.
System Requirement
Kind of Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10- All versions of windows 10 is compatible except Windows 10S. •Microsoft Windows 8- Windows 8 Pro (32 bit & 64 bit) •Microsoft Windows 7- with service pack 1 or later (32 bit & 64 bit) •Microsoft Windows Vista- with service pack 1 or later (32 bit & 64 bit) •Microsoft Windows XP- with service pack 3 (32 bits)
Windows XP- 300 MHz •Other operating system- 1 GHz
Hard Disk Space- minimum 300 MB should be available for installing Norton.
Windows 10- Minimum 512 MB RAM is required for Recovery tool but 2 GB is what suggested for the product. •Window7/…