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Why is It Important to Update AVG Antivirus?

We constantly hear that it is important to keep your antivirus updated. But do you actually know why you are asked to do so. A computer is regularly threatened by new viruses, and an out dated antivirus won’t protect your PC from new threats right from the moment that threat is released or came into action. Most antivirus companies add protection to new threats immediately and hence it becomes necessary to update your software to combat new viruses for protecting your PC. When you should update AVG antivirus?

It is extremely important to keep updating your software to make sure that it has all the information it need to fight against recent threats. An antivirus becomes outdated as soon as a new virus is released. Whenever a new update comes up from AVG you will see a little pop up on your screen notifying you about the update. Most of the time your AVG antivirus gets automatically updates, but there are hackers who turn off your updates, so that they can attack your computer. That i…

Align Your Epson Printer's Print Head for Quality Printing

A print head is very important of a printer as it is responsible for all printing jobs. Epson printer comes with inbuilt print head. But if in case you have replaced the print head, then you have to be very careful while aligning it again. A misaligned print head can hamper your print quality. You might get issues with horizontal or vertical lines.

There are two ways to align print head: through control panel or through computer utility.

Align Print Head using Printer’s Control Panel

• Go to Home and click on Setup.
• Then click maintenance and select Epson Print Head Alignment.
• If you have issues with vertical line alignment then choose Vertical Alignment or if you have issues with Horizontal line alignment then choose Horizontal Alignment.
• Now click the color button to print an alignment sheet.
• You will see a series of screen asking you to choose the best square in each pattern is printed.
• In the sheet, now select the number which represents the best square.
• Now click proceed. On…