Connect Your Brother Printer with Multiple Devices

Sometimes we have more than one computer or laptop at our home and we want to connect the printer with all of them as obviously it’s not convenient to have different printer for different computer, say you have three computers, so you can’t have three printers for each one. But yes you can definitely share your Brother printer with multiple devices if you want, let us learn how:

1.Integrated Ethernet or Wi-Fi Printer: Wi-Fi printers are new craze in the present time as it is convenient to print wirelessly. You can share your Brother printer using the in-built Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If your printer has an Ethernet Jack and it’s placed near router, plug it into your router and install the printer driver on each computer. Setting up Ethernet connection is easier than setting up Wi-Fi.

2.Stand-alone Print Server: Standalone Print Server gets more mileage out of your printer and allows you to use printer’s USB connection. For this you just need to plug your printer into the print server and after that plug the Ethernet cable between the printer server and your network router. But remember the print server don’t support multi-functional printers.
3.Integrated print server on network router: Some network routers have built in server. You might find the USB port in your router where you can plug in your USB Printer and share your printer through the router.

4.Windows Printer Sharing or HomeGroup: This is the most inconvenient option in our list as you have to leave a computer on with your printer plugged in for sharing to work. Basically, you are turning your computer into print server. This can be a better option for those who don’t print much or those who keep their computer on most of the time.

You can choose any of the above method to share your Brother printer on various devices but in case you find it difficult to connect the printer then you can any time choose to call us. We are available round the clock at Brother Printer Helpline Number UK to provide you instant support.
Brother Printer Contact Number UK (0808-101-2159)


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