How do I get rid of Blue screen of death (BSOD) on my Microsoft computer?

Blue Screen of Death is very annoying computer error that comes without showing any signs. We call this error infamous because it results in numbers of severe issues due to this error one can even lose their stored data completely.

Users who have Windows operating system on their PC are probably more likely to get this error and Windows OS users much familiar with BSOD error. Users generally encounter this error in the middle of something, if you are also getting this error on your Windows OS then you can resolve this issue by talking to Microsoft support staff at 0808-101-2159 (toll-free) that is totally dedicated to handle user’s different issues. 

BSOD issue occurs on the user’s system if there are some serious issues those Windows operating systems unable to get over easily, therefore, to prevent the system from further serious damage, it has to reboot itself. 

There are some factors that are responsible for BSOD error Program Errors
  • Hardware overheating
  • Registry Errors
  • Program Error
If you have installed any application on your system and before it if the system is working correctly then there are 99.9 % chances that this newly installed application is responsible for this issue. To resolve this issue, one should uninstall the application and re-install it again.
  • Hardware Overheating is also responsible for BSOD, this happens when system is running for too long
  • The user will also encounter this issue due to the registry which is the main reason that can results in BSOD, fixing the registry error is an only way to tackle this annoying issue permanently. For more information and queries feel free to contact Microsoft support team at Microsoft Customer Care Number UK.


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