Configure Your Printer to Increase Its Speed

No one is having much time to spend on printing. In this digitalized world, we want everything to be at the speed of light. When it comes to printing, a printer takes quite some time to print a single page. Do you know that printer speed depends on its settings? By making certain changes in your printer settings, you can increase the printing speed.

The printer settings we are going to discuss in this segment is common for most printer models but still, we suggest you to check the documentation that came with your printer to check your printer settings. In case, you are a Canon Printer user then you can also get in touch with agents on Canon Printer contact number UK. But before you call us, we suggest you to go through the instructions given here.

Printing Speed Depends on Number of Fonts

You will experience that the printer is printing a document with different fonts at a lower speed. To improve the speed you should include only one or two fonts in a document.

Check if Spooling is Activated
  • Click on the Start menu to access Windows Control Panel.
  • Then double-click Printers & faxes and after this right-click your Printer icon.
  • Select Properties and then click on Advanced Tab.
  • Finally, click on “Spool Print Documents so Program finishes printing faster” and click OK.
Choose the Fast Interface

The type of connection you choose to connect your printer with PC affects its speed. Inkjet printers work well if connected using USB 2.0 but for network printer or PC, you need to choose the fastest network possible. It would be better to connect a network printer with the router using Ethernet cable for faster printing.

Check Printer Resolution

Higher the resolution of your printer slower will be the speed of it. If you diminish the resolution then you can enhance the speed of your printing device but you have to compromise with the quality. But in case you still want to reduce the resolution then better take help from experts on HP Printer support number UK. They can guide you well as per your printer model.

Increase RAM of your Printer

High-end printers come with a CPU, an interface, RAM and other parts similar to a PC. Like ample RAM in the computer can speed it up, in a similar manner if you add RAM to your printer you can boost printer speed. RAM of the printer is also known as memory.

If you just take these small things into account, you can easily speed up your printer and can save a lot of time.


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