Hack the Way to Deal with Canon Printer Offline Issue

Imagine, how frustrating it will be if you are trying to take out an important printout from your Canon Printer. This mostly happens with wireless printers as they frequently go “Offline”. Printer goes offline for various reasons, but the user do not have to worry about them as Canon has also offered appropriate solution for each cause. Once you will go through the instructions given here by our experts at Canon Printer phone number UK, you will be able to easily deal with this “Offline” issue. We are here discussing the reason as well as their solution for you.

Reason 1: Lost Connection- Your computer might have lost the connection with your wireless router. If this occurs, then simply restart your computer and try to print again.

Reason 2: Printer Can’t Communicate- Sometimes, the wireless router is not able to communicate well with the printer. You should power off both the devices (router and printer), after that turn them on.

Reason 3: Printer is Set Offline- You need to set your printer back online and for that you can follow the given steps:
Open your printer folder and right-click your printer icon, select “Use Printer Online”. Check if the document prints. If it doesn’t then move to the next step.
If the document doesn’t print, you will see a printer icon besides time on Windows task bar, double-click it to open the “Printer” window.
Then click the document title which is located below the “Document name” column.
You will see the document menu, and then select “Restart”.

Reason 4: The Printer is Not set as Default- To set your printer as a default one, please follow the given instructions:
Open your printer folder, right-click on your printer model’s icon.
Left-click on “Set as default printer” from the menu that appears.
You can now see a checkmark is displayed beside your printer’s icon.

Reason 5: Misconfiguration of Printer Driver- Configure the printer driver to the correct port using the following instructions:
Login as an administrator.
Select the item from the Control panel.
Open the properties of your printer driver.
Then click the Ports tab to confirm the settings.

Reason 6: Incorrect Access Point- Canon Wireless Printer generally detects the nearby wireless network, so it becomes necessary for you to check if it is connected to correct access point or not. If not, please connect it to the correct one.

If these reasons are not helpful for you then consult technicians at Canon Printer technical support number UK.


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