Encountering Print Spooler Error, Then Change Spooler Properties Now

A print spooler helps the Windows computer to give command to the printer. It manages the print queue and allows the printer to take all the commands one by one till the time last print job is performed. If you see any print spooler error message that means the tool has been corrupted or is failing to interact correctly with the software. There are various methods to fix this problem, you can learn about all of them from printer experts at Brother Printer Customer Care Number UK. Here in this section of the blog we will discuss about the most effective method of resolving this issue.

Change Print Spooler Properties for Fixing the Issue

1.       Open Printer Spooler Properties: Changing the print spooler options can fix all the problems and this methods works with all versions of Windows:
·         Open run dialog box and type services.msc then press enter.
·         Double click print spooler.
2.       Stop and Start the Spooler: On the Print spooler properties windows, go to general tab and use stop and start button to fix this issue. By stopping and starting the spooler you can fix most of its issues.
3.       Make the Spooler to start up automatically: Click “Startup type” for the drop down menu and select automatic, to ensure that spooler start up every time you start your computer, so that the printer doesn’t miss any print job and then click Apply.
4.       Change the Recovery Option: After that go to the recovery tab that controls spooler response to its own error. Make the following changes to minimize the chances of crash:
·         First failure: Restart the Service
·         Second failure: Restart the Service
·         Subsequent failures: Take No Action
·         Reset fail count after: 1 days
·         Restart service after: 1 minutes
·         Then click Apply.
5.       Hinder interaction with desktop: Go to the Log on tab and check if the box beside “allow interaction with desktop” is checked or not. If it is checked then uncheck it and then click Apply.
6.       Restart and try Again: Close all properties window and restart your computer and try printing again.

Hope now you will not receive the same error again, but in case you are still getting the error then please contact a professional technician to resolve this issue for you by dialing Canon Printer Support Number UK 0808-101-2159.


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