All You Need to Know About Printer Fuser and Its Problems

A printer fuser is a pair of heated rollers that is necessary for printing task. When you give a printing command the paper started rolling and it passes through these fuser rollers. This leads to melt the loose toner powder and fuse it with fibers on the paper. The rolled paper gets the printout on it and finally you get the finished product of your desire. You must have noticed that the paper comes out little heated up that is also because of the fuser. But the fuser unit has a limited life span and after that life span ends you need to replace it. Replacing fuser is not an easy task for a normal man; you will definitely feel the need of an expert by your side to replace it. Call at Brother Printer Toll Free Phone Number UK 0808-101-2159 and get assistance from professionals.

The main cause of problem in laser printers is its fuser unit. It uses heat and pressure to make your printer process printing. If you want a long life of your fuser unit then you need to avoid frequent printing, as frequent printing causes it’s wearing out. You need to perform regular cleaning and replacement of the parts of its assembly to make it work properly for longer time, although, if the fuser unit is damaged or broken then it can cause various issues and will also lead to waste supplies and energy.

According to some sources a fuser unit can print about 1,00,000 pages without any problem, but after that ultimately like drum unit and toner cartridge you need to replace it. Damaged fuser unit can cause error code 50.4, which can be cleared after its replacement. So, if you do not print too often then you won’t have to replace it too often. Replacing it can cause you too much so better keep it maintained.

However, if you need to replace it then first make sure to let it cool down completely because a heated fuser can be as hot as 100 degrees and you will burn your hand in the process. After removing it clean all the dust and debris from the inside of the printer. Removing the fuser unit can be a complicated task and for this you can connect with Dell Printer Technical Service Providers, these service agents will guide you from A to Z to make your printer work effortlessly. In case you are getting other related issues to the fuser then it means that it is not heated properly, too hot or not hot enough. These issues are also taken care by professionals.


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