The Brother Machine is Printing Extremely Light

Faint print is one of the most common issues that you will see any printer user struggling with. Brother Printers are of no exception in this case, they too deliver faint print even if the printer has enough ink or toner in it. It is understandable how irritating it must be for the user as a faded print makes the project or assignment look dull and vague.

As one get dull print immediately he starts thinking that maybe the printer is out of ink/toner, it is possible that you are correct. For this just check the ink level of your printer and if your cartridge is empty or very low then replace it. But if this is not the reason then we are going to help you analyze the cause of faded print and help you fix the issue without costing anything.

Causes & Resolutions

1.Empty or Low Ink/Toner: As we have mentioned above the first and foremost reason for is low ink. To check ink status, go to Control Panel on your Computer and their look for your printer properties. For those who use Laser Printer can shake the cartridge to print some more pages with the ink. Shake it just for few seconds to distribute the toner powder.

2.Low Humidity: Yes, this is true; the humidity around the printer do affects the printing quality. In a low humidity area ink is not able to set and dry properly on the page making it look too light or faint. A printer should be kept in a place where it is not humid enough. But humidity level varies with the time of year.

3.High Humidity: As low humidity is not good for printing, similarly high humidity also has adverse effects on print quality. High humidity might make the paper you are printing on damp and make it absorb water from the air around making paper become ripple or uneven. And as you print on such paper you get dull print. The solution for this problem is obvious; you must move the printer and the paper in non humid area for better quality print.

4.Toner got stuck in the Fuser Roller: The fuser is the part of the printer that heats the toner and helps it get sealed on the paper to create print. It is possible that the toner get stuck on the fuser making your print double or light.

5.Low ink/toner Density Setting: It is possible to change ink/toner density setting. The reason behind low print could be changed setting. Please find your settings from “Devices & Printer”. If the density is low make it high.

6.Transfer Roller Issue: Transfer roller makes the toner from your cartridge drum unit onto the page. If it is not correctly positioned in your printer then you might get light print. Carefully remove it from the printer and insert it again and try printing.

The above mentioned reasons are the main cause of light or faded print. Hope now you are getting the perfect printouts from your Brother Printer. For other queries you can connect with printer experts at Brother Printer Phone Number UK 0808-101-2159.

Source: Why Am I getting Faint Print from Brother Printer?

Brother Printer Help Number UK (0808-101-2159)


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