Lexmark All-in-One Printer Scanner is Displaying Error Messages

Hardware or software problems are mostly the reasons for error messages. When you see any error message while scanning with your Lexmark All-in-One Printer then remember that your machine is some sort of difficulty. Generally you get to know about the problem through the message which helps you to resolve it. You can take help from technicians at Lexmark Printer Contact Number UK in case you are not able to resolve any error on your own, although we will try to make things easy for you through this blog.


Error Messages with Their Solution
  1. Ink Low- You receives this error message when your ink cartridge is left with 25%, 12% or 5% ink. In such situation either you can continue printing till the cartridge is fully consumed or you can replace the cartridge to remove the error.
  2. Cartridge Error- It indicated that the print cartridge is inserted in wrong carrier. Make sure that you have inserted the black or photo cartridge in left carrier and other colored cartridge in right carrier. 
  3. Alignment Error- You will see this message displayed when the transparent tape is still on the cartridge nozzle. You have to remove the transparent tape from the cartridges to get rid of this error. Or you can try to re-align it by pressing Select.
  4. DPOF Error- This error is displayed while it is on DPOF print job and he requested image size is larger than the blank paper size. Press Select to select a new blank page size or press stop/cancel to cancel the present DPOF print job.
  5. File is Too Large- It indicates that you have exceeded the amount of data a scan file can hold. Remember that Lexmark All-in-One can scan up to 19200dpi; if you exceed this limit you will see this error message. You need to reduce the resolution, color depth or crop area to remove this message. Adjust the settings in Scan dialog.
  6. No Computer- You will get this message when your Lexmark Printer is not connected to the computer or the computer is turned off when one of the start buttons is pressed in scan mode.
  7. Card Format- When printing in Photo mode, make sure you insert the memory card correctly, in the supported format to avoid this error.
  8. Paper Jam- Mostly All-in-One printer eject the paper jam by pressing and holding Select, but if in case that doesn’t happen then manually clear the paper jam by lifting the scanner unit.

These are some of the common error messages that one receive with their Lexmark All-in-One printer, especially with its scanner feature. But apart from these you might come across other error messages or codes, and for that you will need a guide that you can get at Lexmark Printer Customer Care Number UK 0808-101-2159.



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