Why Avast is Taking Too Long to Complete Scan?

It is must for every computer user to have an antivirus installed in their system to keep the system safe from any online threat or virus. Avast antivirus fulfills this task very well but even this software has so many limitations that might again lead your computer at risk. For such issues you can contact technical support by dialing 0808-101-2159 Avast Help Number UK. But what makes Avast users more frustrated is that sometimes it takes too much time to complete anti-virus and anti-malware scan. Many people curse the manufacturer due to this, but please understand that this is not the mistake of manufacturer.

Speed and ability to complete scan depends on various factors which are mentioned below:

  • Your computer hard drive size. If the hard drive is big then it will take up more time to scan.
  • Every antivirus scan engine is designed differently: some use signature database whereas other use heuristic scanning or may be the combination of both.
  • If you use the computer during the scan then too scan speed will get hampered.
  • Various options to scan for spyware, adware, riskware and potentially unwanted programs.
  • If you are using any other security program, which is also trying to scan at the same time.
  • Options to scan memory, boot sectors, registry and alternate data streams.
  • Interference from other programs that are trying to update or download from the internet during scan.
  • Type of scan could be the reason: Deep, quick or custom scanning.
  • Interference from the malwares or type of action that is being performed when a malware is detected.
  • Other running programs and processes in the background.
  • Number of files that are being scanned.
  • Utilization of system or CPU resource while scanning.
  • If you include external files in the scan then also it will get hampered.

So, hope now you understood that it is not the problem with the Avast antivirus that it is taking too long to complete the scan. But definitely you can enhance the speed and ability of scanning by customizing your scan wisely. For more information you can get in touch with us at Avast Customer Care Number UK.


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