Reason Behind Error Messages in Epson Printer & Their Fixes

Printer Errors

Error messages become really frustrating when they pop up while you are trying to print some important documents. When you see an error message while printing from Epson printer, your printer will stop responding or working, though these error messages helps you identify the main problem so that you can resolve them. You can learn more about error messages by dialing Epson Printer Helpline Number UK.

Epson Printer Support Phone Number UK

In this chapter we have collected some common error messages with their cause and solution.
1.       Unable to Print- This error appears when you try to print nozzle check or head alignment pattern. You must END Print Menu first and resolve the error message before you try to print the pattern again.
2.       Ink Low- This is an indication that your ink cartridge is almost empty, the simple and obvious solution for this error is, replace the ink cartridge. However, if you want you can continue printing with low ink, but the quality of printout will be low.
3.       Change Paper Type- The loaded paper doesn’t match the paper type selected by you. So, you need to load the correct type of paper to resolve this matter.
4.       Reload Paper- There are two reason for which you might see this error:
a.       The printer can’t read or detect the loaded cut sheet media as it is curled or wavy, you need to flatten the cut sheet media for resolution.
b.      The printer can’t detect the loaded paper, in this case move the paper lever.
5.       Update Failed- This is an indication for you that your printer failed to update the Firmware. So, try again to update it.
6.       Unlock Print Head/Service Request nnnnn- Both these errors appear when your print head is locked. You need to pull the green tab on the left side of the print head to release it.
7.       Replace Conversion Cartridge- Either replace the conversion cartridge with a new one to resolve this error or complete the replacement of the K ink by pressing the Pause button.
8.       Command Error- There are two different reasons for this error.
a.       Damaged data is sent to the printer or the printer receives data with a wrong command. In such situation stop printing and press the pause button for 3 seconds.
b.      The installed printer driver is not correct for the printer. Repeat the above solution and make sure the printer driver you are using is the correct one.
9.       Nozzle Still Clogged- To clear the Nozzle you need to run head cleaning utility.
10.   Set Paper Lever- This error message convey you that the paper lever is in the released position, you need to move the paper lever into secured position if you want to remove this error.

There are many more errors that a user will face with Epson Printer, but remember every problem has a solution; if you can’t find the solution yourself then you can take help from technicians by dialing Epson Printer Phone Number 0808-101-2159 (toll free).


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