How to Setup & Customize Anti-Spam Feature of AVG?

If you are a regular email user then it becomes must for you to use the anti-spam feature of AVG Antivirus. This feature keeps your inbox away from unwanted mails and prevents it from clogging. Not only this, hackers use spam mail to get into your computer, and if you are using Anti-spam feature then it will also make sure that you don’t get phishing mails. This feature is applicable to all email clients that are installed in your device like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. If you want to know on how anti-spam works then please give us a call at (toll-free) 0808-101-2159 AVG Help Number UK.

Remember that anti-spam feature is only available as an additional installed component of AVG Internet Security. You can install this component during the custom installation of the software by going to the main menu. There click on Settings and then go to Components. After that click Anti-spam and then install component. And to customize the anti-spam feature go to the main setting screen. That will allow you to decide how the feature will filter the spam mails and you can even update the spam filter rules. Once you are done with customization you can click OK to save your settings.

How to Manage the MS Outlook Anti-Spam Settings?

  • Automatically move spam mails to junk folder- This is a default option, it sends all the spam mails into the junk folder without asking. Those mails which are identified as spam or phishing won’t appear in your inbox at all.
  • Automatically Add entries from Address Book to White List- Your Outlook address book contacts will be automatically added to the Anti-Spam white list. These addresses are considered as known and trusted. The mail received from white list email addresses will never be treated as spam.
  • Send Samples of Incorrectly Marked emails- Say the mail that was legitimate was marked as spam also known as False Positive and the mail that should be marked as spam is sent to you on inbox then this setting will determine whether the samples of these messages should be send to us for analyses. 
Choose the option from below:

  • Ask: to decide on a case by case basis.
  • Yes: should definitely send the sample.
  • No: Should never send the sample.
If you want to know more on how to create blacklist and white list in AVG Anti-spam feature then please give us a call AVG Contact Number UK. We will resolve all your queries.


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