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Why My Printer Stopped Working on Mac?

The user might feel irritated when he or she is witnessing that Mac on which task is being carried out, does not get delivered properly and the printer which is linked with Mac has suddenly stopped functioning after few hours. Such scenario does make the user irritated. Well, it might happen because of chain of events that are taking place in a wrong way. This might happen because of some troublemaking elements like –
Cables and Connections –The primary way of making sure user is able to detect troublemaking elements without any difficulty is cross-checking of cables that link computer and the printer. As due to lose connection, this might create rumbling effect in a negative manner. On the other hand, user should also inspect the USB ports. It is necessary because some odd form of break in proper connection might be the reason of the issue.
Application or Driver Related Issues – If the user after repeated attempts is unable to print using the same application, and then quit the printin…

Can’t able to scan a document in Canon All-in-One Printer?

In this section of Canon printer we are going to talk about printer scanner. You will learn how to scan a document in both Windows and Mac PCs. But before we proceed to that you need to make some preparation for document scan.
Not all printer can scan, if you are an All-in-One printer user then you can use scanner feature. Most All-in-One printers connect wirelessly, but you need to connect your printer to your computer through USB cable. You should also make sure that your printer is turned on and then you need to lift the scanner’s lid to see scanner glass, although some Canon printers have paper feeder where you need to insert your document for scanning or take help from Canon printercustomer care help desk, otherwise place your document facing down in the scanner and close scanner lid. Once you are done with the above preparation do one of the following as per your operating system.
Windows ·Click on the START button and type “windows fax and scan” to open fax and scan app. ·Once t…

What to do when Epson Printer Error Codes are displayed?

Right from inception people have always been thrilled whenever new form of mechanical device have risen. It is not because people are supposed to do it but due to understanding of such technological development or introduction of new thing. Talking about different form of printing devices, the usage or dependence on superior form of printer automatically ends with Epson Printer.

Well, according to experts and other professionals of Epson Printer there are different forms of technical errors which does create hiccups. This needs to be corrected otherwise series of disturbances in execution of work will be highlighted. This is where experts of Epson Printer do throw light and advise too for understanding about different Error Codes affecting the working –

Error 1-01 & Error W-05 – It displays that either printer is low on paper. So, the user needs to make sure right quantity of paper has been loaded into the paper feeder.
Error W-02 and W -03 – It displays that sheet of paper ins…

How to fix error codes 1401 and 1700 in Canon Printer?

No one wants to get involved in the series of troubleshooting elements. Well, still there are times when series of problems do arise and gets displayed in the form of Error Codes. The user needs to have complete knowledge about it for factoring the problems out.
The professionals of Canon Printer have always catered to the expectations of the users. This is the reason they have also offered solution for such error codes. So, if any of the following error code is being displayed on the monitor, the user needs to follow instructions mentioned below to resolve them: -
Ink Cartridge Not Installed Properly (1401) E05:
Whenever, this error code is being displayed then user does not have to panic rather need to understand the reason behind it. On many occasions user either do neglect the correction of this problem or refer people who are totally incompetent. At this stage, very thorough form of understanding is needed. When the Canon Printer Error Code 1401 is flashed then user should make sure…