How to fix error codes 1401 and 1700 in Canon Printer?

No one wants to get involved in the series of troubleshooting elements. Well, still there are times when series of problems do arise and gets displayed in the form of Error Codes. The user needs to have complete knowledge about it for factoring the problems out.

The professionals of Canon Printer have always catered to the expectations of the users. This is the reason they have also offered solution for such error codes. So, if any of the following error code is being displayed on the monitor, the user needs to follow instructions mentioned below to resolve them: -

Ink Cartridge Not Installed Properly (1401) E05:

Whenever, this error code is being displayed then user does not have to panic rather need to understand the reason behind it. On many occasions user either do neglect the correction of this problem or refer people who are totally incompetent. At this stage, very thorough form of understanding is needed.
When the Canon Printer Error Code 1401 is flashed then user should make sure that: -
·         Proper form of installation of Ink Cartridge is being carried out.
·        The replacement of Ink Cartridge is to be executed when the user is seeing the error repeatedly.
·        Proper way of cleaning of Ink Cartridge is needed. This includes activities like – metallic contacts are thoroughly spick & Span, all black and color cartridges are precisely installed, apt form of cartridge code is present etc.

Warning Sign of Ink Absorber filled to brim (1700) E08:

The display of error code – 1700 E08 means that user needs to properly analyze the condition of ink absorber. This should be done in case the ink absorber is not functioning in a desired manner. The point is caring about the printing device isolates smart person from just a literate one.

Primary role of ink absorber is to make sure that excessive form of ink is not splashed on the printout. Points to be considered for clearing of such error is executed by-
·         The replacing of ink absorber and resetting of ink absorber counter.
·         Pressing of Stop/ Reset button might help in removing the error.
·      In the end when ink absorber is completely swamped by the ink residue and further task of printing can’t be executed, and then getting it replaced is the only option.

As mentioned above few simple steps can resolve Canon Printer Ink Cartridge Error Codes. Simply follow them to get perfect printouts.


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