HP Print & Scan Doctor: Eliminates Common HP Printer Issues

Mass number of people chooses HP Printers when it comes to quality printing. However, it is bundled with software and technical issues that keep tormenting the user. But the solution for every HP printer related issue is provided by HP only. They have created a tool to resolve all your printer related worries. HP Print and Scan Doctor is a free utility that helps you quickly address most printing and scanning related issues.          

It is a complete package of previous diagnostic tools that are presented by HP:

  •  HP Print Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Scan Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Network Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Hardware Diagnostic Utility

All the features of the above utility are integrated together in this one tool. This utility works almost on everything from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 version, unfortunately there is no utility available for Mac till date. You just need to download the tool from HP site for free and run the tool for troubleshooting your issue.

The program checks the list of the following things:

  • Connectivity- Whether connected through USB or network, the tool makes sure that you are connected properly.
  • Device Status- It makes sure that there is no printer error, like paper jam, printer offline, lower ink level etc.
  • Driver Check- It sees to it that the driver is not corrupt or missing and also ensures its compatibility.
  • Print Queue- It helps to clear the print queue if the print job got stuck in middle.
  • Device Manager- Checks the issues in Device manager that are hampering the printer work.
  • Device Conflict/Port Match- Checks the port setting of the printer and make sure that there is no device conflict with the printer.

To run the tool you just need to click on Start on the welcome screen. Make sure that your printer is turned on and is connected properly. Then follow the onscreen instructions to diagnose and fix the issue. However, you can contact us at HP Printer Help Number UK if you get puzzled in the process. The technician will support you in any situation for resolving your issue.

HP Printer Support Number UK


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