Are You Having Problem in starting your Canon Printer?

Canon manufactures quality printers for its customers and they make sure that the printer work effortlessly so that no user has to face any trouble with it. But in spite of all their efforts there are times when user couldn’t operate the printer. The printer stops working all together. The reason for this could be different for every user. You can try the following solution according to the reason of this halt.

Solution 1: Machine is ON- You should make sure that the printer is plugged in to the outlet and it is power on. You should resume with printing only when the ON light become stable.

Solution 2: Printer Connection- Most of the time users think that the machine is not working because of technical faults but the real reason could be just the connection. Ensure that all the USBs are connected to printer and the computer properly. 

Solution 3: Paper Tray- The paper output tray should be open while printing.

Solution 4: Pending Print Jobs- One of the major reason for a non working printer could be pending print jobs. You have to remove all failed and cancelled print job as they might be halting the print process.

Solution 5: Correct Printer Driver- Is the printer driver that you are using is correct or you are using a different printer driver? A wrong printer driver will make your printer stop working. To check this:

Windows: Check your Print dialog box and see if “Canon XXX Series Printer” is selected.

Mac OS: Here your printer name should be selected in Printer in the Print dialog box.

Solution 6: Restart Computer- if you are printing from your computer then sometime restarting it resolves the entire problem.

Solution 7: Large Data- When you try to print extremely large data that may hamper the printing. You can adjust it by clicking on Print Options on Page setup, and then go to Prevention of Print Data Loss and set it as ON. But here I would like to warn you that this may reduce the print quality.

If none of the above method works for you then there are chances that you have selected a wrong printer port but it is little difficult for a commoner to change the port. For this task you should take assistance from an expert. You can dial Canon Printer Contact Number UK to fix this issue.

Canon Printer Help Number UK (0808-101-2159)


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