Can’t able to scan a document in Canon All-in-One Printer?

In this section of Canon printer we are going to talk about printer scanner. You will learn how to scan a document in both Windows and Mac PCs. But before we proceed to that you need to make some preparation for document scan.

Not all printer can scan, if you are an All-in-One printer user then you can use scanner feature. Most All-in-One printers connect wirelessly, but you need to connect your printer to your computer through USB cable. You should also make sure that your printer is turned on and then you need to lift the scanner’s lid to see scanner glass, although some Canon printers have paper feeder where you need to insert your document for scanning or take help from Canon printer customer care help desk, otherwise place your document facing down in the scanner and close scanner lid.
Once you are done with the above preparation do one of the following as per your operating system.

·         Click on the START button and type “windows fax and scan” to open fax and scan app.
·         Once the Fax and Scan app opens click on “New scan”.
·         In the next window check that you can see the word “Canon” and your printer model number to ensure it is the correct scanner.
·         Select the type of document and then decide on your document color by clicking on “Color Format”.
·         Then click on “File type” to select the type of file you want to scan.
·         You can make other changes in scan process like resolution and then click “Preview”.
·         If the Preview looks perfect then click “Scan”.

·         Click on the Apple logo to view the drop-down menu and then select “System Preference”.
·         Then click Printers & Scanner and select your Canon Printer.
·         Now click on the Scan tab and then click “Open Scanner”.
·         Next you need to click “Show details” and then select the file type by clicking “Format” drop-down box.
·         Click on “Kind” drop-down box to decide on the color option.
·         After that select the storage location by clicking “Save to” drop-down box.
·         Change other options if you want to, otherwise click on the “Scan” button.



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