Epson Printer is Getting Cartridge Not Recognized Error

What will you do if you have just replaced your Epson printer’s ink cartridge and then instead of printing a beautiful and shiny print, it displays an error message “Cartridge Not Recognized”? Mostly in such situation a user become disheartened and start feeling miserable with no idea what should be done next. The first thing is that you should not panic and call a well-versed printer technician in such situation. Certified Epson printer technicians are available at Epson Printer Support Number UK. There are various possibilities due to which one can encounter this problem. Let us put a light on them so that it becomes convenient for a user to handle the issue on their own.

1. Examine the following Things
  • Check if your ink cartridge is low or empty as that can generate the error.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct print cartridge.
  • The black cartridge should be in Black ink slot and colored should be in the colored slot.

2. Check Which cartridge is Causing the Issue
  • Remove all the new cartridges that you have recently installed and replace them with old cartridges that were working perfectly.
  • Restart your printer; most probably you will not get the error now.
  • Now install one new cartridge at a time to check it is showing error or not.
  • Keep installing the cartridges one by one until you get the error.
  • This way you will be able to find the faulty cartridge. You can change that particular cartridge.

3. Clean the Contact Chip of the Cartridge
You will find contact chips on the copper banding of the printer cartridge. It is the contact chips that communicate with your printer. Use a cloth or pencil eraser to free them from dust. After cleaning, you can reinstall your cartridge in the printer and start printing. If you have any issue while removing and reinstalling cartridge then call us at Epson Printer Contact Number UK for further guidance. We will make the process easy for you.

4. Do a Hard Reset of Your Printer
You might find it strange but it is true that a printer can remember an error. You need to reset your printer so the printer can forget the error. Turn off your printer and remove its plug from the power outlet and after 30 seconds plug it back and turn it on. 
Resetting a printer can resolve many printer issues including this one, so not give it a try. Moreover, it cost nothing, just a few minutes of yours.


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