Steps to Fix Epson Printer WF3640 Error Code 0x69

If you ever looked at the inner workings of a printing device, you would quickly come to the conclusion that it is an amazing thing that gives out professional looking documents and that too in a shortest time period. Preference is the only thing that matter while you choose for a particular printing device. As a loose rule of thumb, we could see that Epson Printer models are really sufficient when you need a full prove machine to complete your printing tasks.

On the second note, it is also a fact that rather giving out vibrant colors and long lasting photos, it generating some difficulties for its users. In most cases, these are in the form of Error Codes or Messages. The Epson Printer WF3640 Error Code 0x69 is one of the most common errors confronted by many users. It has caused due to the misconfiguration of the system files in your particular operating system. It has been generated due to the printer circuitry that is associated to the ink system or the print engine. But there is no doubt; you can troubleshoot it in manual mode. Take a close look on the most needed steps at this time:

What you need to do is to turn the printer on and plug it off suddenly. Now, you have to wait for about 15 minutes and then restart the device again. When you are not satisfied with this step, then there is some other issue affecting it. Go further to correct it.
You must be recommended to update the version of your operating system as this is possible that this error code has arrived due to the older version of your operating system. Update it to the latest version available on the official website.
You need to open your computer and click on the Start button. And then input the name of the operating system you have and Update in the appeared box.
After being finished with the update process, restart the computer and log into the admin user’s profile. If you are getting any troublesome issue while doing it, you can directly contact the talented team at Epson Printer toll free phone number UK for instant guidance.
Then proceed to Start button and click on the ‘All Programs and Accessories, System Tools’ and then tap on the ‘System Restore’ tab.
Thereafter, you have to choose the ‘Restore my computer for an earlier time’ icon and click next.
And then select for the latest system restore section to complete the process.
Now, click ‘Next about the confirmation window’ section to finish the process and restart your system.
At last, test a print job. 


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