Various Procedures to Clean Kodak Printer Print Head

Printer PrintHead
A print head is a very important part of the printer. Print head chambers are fed with ink and it has tiny nozzles that spray the ink. Many Kodak Printer users complain that they are not getting the desired quality print, and most of the print quality issues occur because of print head. Print head can get clogged if you don’t use your printer for a longer time or don’t maintain your printer and printer cartridge properly. Please learn different measures to maintain printer from experts on Kodak Printer Support Number UK. 
A clogged print head can cause problem in printing, so let us learn the ways to clean it.

Self Clean Program for Windows XP/Vista
Click START button and go to Control Panel.
From the Control Panel menu, select “printers”.
Select the printer that you want to clean and then right click it. From the drop down menu click on “Properties”.
Choose the tab for cleaning from the list.
Select the nozzle that need to be cleaned and then run the printer cleaning program.
Print the test page to check result.

Self Clean Program for Mac
Click on System Preference and then tap on “Open Print and Fax”.
Select the printer that needs to be cleaned and then open “Print Queue”.
Check the utility icon for the applicable printer and then select Maintenance. 
Select “Cleaning” from the menu and then click OK.
Run the print head cleaning program and print out a test page to check the result.

Manual Cleaning of Print Head
Inspect for the location of the print head or check Kodak manual.
Remove ink cartridge and then dab a cotton swab in the hot water or isopropyl alcohol.
Rub the swab to loosen the dried ink.
Then run the printer own cleaning program at least twice and then keep the printer as it is for overnight. 
Repeat the self cleaning utility as mentioned above if necessary.

Cartridge with Print Head
If your print head is inside the cartridge then soak the ink cartridge into a bowl of hot water overnight.
Remove it the next day and wipe it out. Then put it back into the printer and run the cleaning program.
Note: If hot water method doesn’t work then repeat the process with isopropyl alcohol.

Vacuum Method
Wipe the cartridge with soft cloth.
Then use a vacuum hose to clean the cartridge nozzle, but do it for few seconds only.
Repeat the process if necessary.
Lastly, wipe off the residue ink with a soft cloth.
Refit it and print a test page.

So, next time when your print head nozzle gets clogged then follow any of the above method to clean the print head. If you still face any print quality issue with Kodak Printers then you can dial Kodak Printer Toll Free Number UK 0808-101-2159 to get assistance.



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