Keep your printer drum Unit Clean for Quality Printing

At present time laser printer are more popular than inkjet printer because of its speed. These printers are used to take printout of the documents. Being a professional you have to present your business in a nice manner in front of customers and clients. So, you need printout that looks sharp with dark text and crisp and vibrant images. There are various components of a printer, when these components come together then only you are able to print. One of the most important components of a printer is its drum unit. The drum unit is a metal roller that attracts the toner particle by way of electrostatic polarities.

If such an important part of the printer gets any problem then obviously you will have to compromise with either print quality or printer functionality. As drums are vulnerable to scratching, you might get marks on every printout you take. Even the drum has a certain life expectancy after which the loss of charge will start to take place. Such issues have to be taken care by any user. But we know that being a non-technical person it becomes difficult for you take the risk of repairing or replacing the toner on your own that why we are available at Brother Printer Help Desk Number UK to direct you, although you do have option of trying yourself by following the given method.

1.       The first thing you need to do is send a test job to your printer and check the print quality. If you see smeared page then you need to clean the drum unit that you can do manually. But in case the test page fails to print and you see an error instead then please check your printer manual to fix the particular error.
2.       Turn off your printer and then unplug it from the wall. Open printer cartridge door to remove the cartridge. Make sure that you do not make any contact with other component while removing the cartridge.
3.       After removing the cartridge you can see the drum covered in green film called selenium. Ensure that there is no dirt, paper fragments and excess toner on the drum. If you can see toner build up on drum, then please clean it using rubbing alcohol and soft cloth. If you can see any tear or damage on selenium then you need to replace the drum.
4.       Leave the drum as it for few minutes to air out. You can use a pressurized spray to clean the inside of the printer and then insert back the print cartridge and close its door. Plug black your printer and turn it on.

That it! Your printer is ready to print. We have given you detailed information on how you can repair your printer but in case your printer drum unit life cycle is complete or your printer drum is damaged then you have to replace it. It won’t be easy to replace the drum without proper assistance. You can call at Dell Printer Phone Number UK and ask for guidance from experts to replace the drum.


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